Hendley Perfumes is an independent, artisan perfume practice founded in 2014. Each batch of perfume is meticulously formulated, blended, bottled, labeled & shipped by Hans Hendley. 

“I get the same feeling when I try on a great pair of headphones, a sensation of magical ease and comfort that makes me want to turn the volume up. Audiophiles will know what I mean. Hendley fragrances are not striving to shock and bewilder. They focus instead on being as pleasurable as possible.” –Luca Turin

The olfactory landscape of Hans Hendley is that of luminescent hinterland: edges, lines, washed walls, torn metal sheeting and sun drenched roadways burnt around the carefully balanced edges. His flowers are sunlit in vintage opalescent glass. Gardens are overgrown, closed in and secretive, tucked away behind graffiti-tagged fences. The mix of urbanity and wilderness dream is beguiling and partly real, an echo of Hans’ wandering childhood and his present roaming of New York’s looming urban enormity.–The Silver Fox

Rarely do I come across a perfume house that I love so much that I instantly want to buy every single one of their fragrances. Usually there’s one or maybe two scents that are the standouts and which act as bookmarks for my nose for that particular line. But to achieve a level of confidence across an entire house, especially for a new artist, is almost impossible. But perfumer Hans Hendley has done it. The perfumes are bold, rich, supple offerings which represent their individual styles in unforgettable ways.Steve Johnson for ÇaFleureBon

“Hans Hendley is one of the most thoughtful and pleasing indieperfumers out there. Hand made, small batch, lovely materials, simple and elegant presentation.” Lucy Raubertas for Indieperfumes

Questions? Please do not hesitate to ask: hans{at}hendleyperfumes.com


Fredericks & Mae
983B Dean St
Brooklyn, New York

American Perfumer
211 Clover Lane
Louisville, Kentucky

Mood Scent Bar
Tamka 33
Warsaw, Poland