Unter den Linden

August leaned back into the linden and tried to understand. Was it really his fault the world no longer cared about clockwork? […] was beauty subject to fashion? He did not understand. What was a life? One day his father opened the back of a watch and showed him the wheels inside. Was that his life? A bird inside a funny paper man, the boats in the picture that suddenly began to move, a perspiring musician in a drab green tent–were these the secret signs of a destiny, as intimate and precise as a watermark on a postage stamp? Or were they merely accidents, chosen by memory among the many accidents that constitute a life? He tried desperately to understand. Had it all been a mistake? His art was outmoded: the world had no need for him. And so it had all come to nothing. He had given his life away to a childish passion. And now it was over. He was terribly tired. Sitting under the warm shade of the linden, August grieved for his lost youth.
— Excerpt from the short story “August Eschenburg” by Steven Millhauser
Linden blossom tincture from my neighborhood.

Linden blossom tincture from my neighborhood.


I put a sample of a new perfume called Bloodline in each of the Laboratory Series packages that went out this past week. It is built around a cedarwood oil distilled by my father from trees grown on our family land in east Texas.

Bloodline was commissioned by American Perfumer and will be sold through their shop and website. They have all the stock in hand and it should be live on their site within the next few days.

I’ll make an official announcement with more detail when it’s available for order.

The Silver Fox on Narcis

Thank you, Alex. Maybe I should trademark the term “Hendley Musks.”

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Narcis by @hendleyperfumes • I am heartlost to this explosion of xanthous light. @hans.hendley has gone sinuously carnal with Narcis, the second of his 2019 Laboratory Series releases, a gleeful jolt of indolic narcissus, my oh my. Mulchy guaiac smeared with a gimlet-eyed tuberose, breathy, close iris root and a jonquil absolute that radiates like a thousand humming suns in a monastic cell. • Hans has carefully studied this potentially neurotic jonquil and composed a diaphanous chypré accord to soothe and support its journey on our grateful flesh. This lean, green tailored construct melds with warm hivey beeswax and what I now recognise as Hendley Musks, tender bases that hold without pressure and interference. They have a lullaby quality that many houses would do well to consider. Far too many contemporary artisan and small-batch niche lines throw away any achieved beauty in the base-reveal. • Hans is not one of those makers and after the gorgeous mauvedust of Untitled, Narcis is a further proof that he reaches for sun and multitudinous skies each time he creates a scent. He is a contradiction in some ways of studious and dreaming, a gifted perfumer still influenced perhaps by his photographic background, examining materials with a precise framed eye and offering up beauty with quiet and respectful development. I love the suspended pollen waxiness of Narcis that settles on the initial golden crown of narcissus, it pierces me. • ©TSF April 2019 • #perfumereview #thefoxinhales #narcis @hans.hendley @hendleyperfumes #laboratoryseries #americanperfumer #americanperfumery #narcissus #jonquil #yellow #xanthous #narcotic #iamnumb #nárkē

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